Client Experience | Kobayashi Pharmaceutical : Biodiversity Collage workshop

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical operates based on its corporate philosophy of providing “excellent ‘comfort’ to people and society.” The company offers a variety of products, including pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and daily miscellaneous goods. Collaborating with customers, business partners, and the local community, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical actively addresses global environmental issues, earnestly contributing ideas and implementing solutions towards their resolution.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has obtained certification for the 1.5°C target from the SBTi in 2022 as part of its GHG emission reduction goals by 2030.

Codo conducted a Biodiversity Collage workshop for employees of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Osaka in September 2023. The Biodiversity Collage is a three-hour workshop designed to enhance awareness and understanding of biodiversity. Using 39 cards based on the IPBES report, the workshop employs a game format that allows beginners and professionals to efficiently learn in a short period.

With Codo’s professional facilitators, 12 participants from various positions deepened their understanding of the causes and impacts of human activities on biodiversity. Participants noted increased awareness and new discoveries about biodiversity compared to before the workshop, emphasizing its effectiveness in promoting the understanding and importance of sustainable development.

“Thank you very much for conducting this workshop. The catchy approach of experiencing the challenging theme of biodiversity through a card game allowed members from the participating departments to better grasp the concept. It seems that they not only deepened their understanding but also recognized the importance of biodiversity. This workshop was highly beneficial and would like to use it as a starting point to continue our internal discussions on the topic.”

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