Working together to act together:
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Starting in 2022, Codo Advisory has set an ambitious goal to develop its activities rapidly and expand its client base to 100 clients by 2026. To achieve this goal, Codo Advisory is in the process of assembling a diverse and dynamic team of individuals who share the same vision and are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future. The organization strongly believes that each individual has unique ideas and skills to bring to the table, and it is eager to welcome such personalities on board.
If you are passionate about sustainability and are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, then Codo Advisory could be the perfect place for you to bring your ideas and personality. By joining Codo’s first steps, you can be part of a growing organization that is dedicated to making the world a more sustainable place.

What makes Codo a great workplace

International environment

With a great part of its people coming from outside Japan, Codo is a very international-minded and diverse workplace. All of our staff speak fluent English (the working language of Codo) and most of them fluent Japanese.

Work-life balance

Codo thinks work-life balance is a crucial point for any organization: happy employees create a happy workplace. We have flextime and remote work systems in place, meaning that office-lovers and home-lovers alike will find their perfect balance.

Every voice is important

At Codo, no matter their work, every person and every idea is important and valued. Any proposal is welcome to discuss as a team. We strive to create an environment where anyone can ask, cooperate, and better themselves everyday.

Current job postings

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