Educate, empower, engage: Codo’s range of services include initiation workshops, assessment of transition strategy, independent review of integrated reports, and more. Available both to major Japanese listed firms and to local stakeholders, our services cover the whole spectrum of companies’ climate maturity progress, from organizations in the first steps of their decarbonization journey, to more advanced entities willing to improve their plans.


We help Japanese companies understand global trends on risks, opportunities and solutions regarding decarbonization strategies.

Training seminars and workshops on corporate decarbonization

Our experts will help your company understand the challenges and opportunities of environmental transition. We will guide you and your colleagues through the latest global trends, events and standards, and introduce best practices from other countries.

The content of our seminars and workshops can be adapted to your requirements: duration, level of details, sector, language (Japanese or English). Our seminars and workshops can be organized for a single company (internal event) or for a group of companies (open event).

Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk is a climate change education workshop 
developed in France and now used by nearly 700,000
participants in more than 50 countries around the world. Codo Advisory offers Climate Fresk workshops fully in Japanese and English, to support climate literacy for domestic and foreign companies in Japan.

In-person or online

Service recommended for: Top management of companies taking their first steps on their decarbonization journey | ESG department experts willing to educate other departments within their company | Cities, prefectures, regional banks willing to support environmental awareness of SMEs in their region.

Low-carbon transition strategy assessment with ACT

Is your company ready for the transition to a low-carbon economy? You are already familiar with TCFD disclosure, CDP reporting, SBT certification. But does your company have a clear roadmap, to move from where you are now, to where you want to go?

Using the international methodology ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) developed by global non-profit CDP and French environmental agency ADEME, we help you identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your low-carbon transition strategy. Throughout the process, we engage in a dialogue with your company, following a robust guiding framework and set of analysis tools, helping you identify improvement opportunities.

Companies going through an ACT Assessment improve the credibility of their decarbonization pledges, with an independent third-party review of their strategy. The outcome of the ACT Assessment, an overall score and a feedback report, can be used internally by your company, or disclosed to your investors and partners – your call.

Service recommended for: Medium to large companies with a certain level of maturity (existence of a low-carbon transition strategy or SBT certification of climate targets)

Is your company ready for an ACT Assessment? Take the free ACT maturity test!


We help Japanese companies improve their environment-related transition strategies and enhance their value to global investors.

Independent review of integrated report and ESG report

Environmental disclosure requirements are increasing, globally. In Japan, major companies are now expected to publish information for their investors in English. Shareholders and investors are more and more demanding – in particular on the urgent issue of climate change.

Integrated reports or ESG reports with inappropriate communication in English of your company’s climate plan can put you at risk of losing trust from international investors. Solid, clear, science-based reports give to your current or future investors the readability they need to support your climate goals and long-term competitiveness.

Our team, combining technical expertise in corporate decarbonization, a solid understanding both of global trends and the Japanese markets, and language skills in Japanese and English, can help you identify the weaknesses in your reports, and offers a set of recommendations to address them.

Service recommended for: Medium to large companies exposed to foreign investors, clients and regulators

Establishment of a low-carbon transition strategy

Using the ACT “Step by Step” methodology developed by the international ACT Initiative, our consultants will assist your company in establishing its first low-carbon transition strategy. This service is conducted over one year, during which we will take your company through a 5-step approach – assessment of current situation, identification of issues and challenges, design of a vision, definition of a strategy, definition of an action plan.

The ACT Step by Step service contributes to the internal recognition, within your company, of the challenges and opportunities of decarbonization. It also facilitates engagement and communication with your suppliers, clients, and investors.

This service can be following by an optional support for the implementation and monitoring of the action plan.

Service recommended for: Companies willing to take their first steps towards a solid, clear, science-based low-carbon transition strategy | ESG department experts willing to strengthen climate governance within their company

Is ACT Step by Step for your company? Take the free ACT maturity test!


We help global and domestic investors and Japanese companies improve their dialogue on climate-related business risks and strategies.

Workshops with international experts of corporate decarbonization

To help your company better understand the expectations of global investors when it comes to corporate environmental strategies, we organize workshops gathering experts from overseas, industry leaders and representatives from non-profit organizations such as the World Benchmarking Alliance.

In these workshops, your company will be invited to introduce its plans, challenges and solutions, and receive direct feedback from leading international experts.

Service recommended for: Companies starting their decarbonization journey and willing to better align with expectations from foreign investors | Advanced companies willing to improve their sustainability dialogue with foreign investors

Assessment of low-carbon transition strategies in investment portfolios 

Using the ACT Assessment methodology developed by global non-profit CDP and French environmental agency ADEME, our consultants will assess the quality of the low-carbon transition strategy of the Japanese companies in your portfolio.

Are their plans consistent with their targets? How solid is their governance? How engaged are they with their suppliers and clients? ACT scores and feedback reports will allow you to understand how ready the companies are for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Service recommended for: International or Japanese investors holding shares or planning to acquire shares in Japanese companies.

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