MyCO2: Understanding and reducing individual carbon footprints

A two-hour interactive online conference

MyCO2 is a web-based platform designed to facilitate online conferences and workshops from 10 to 50 participants. Together, guided by a trained facilitator, participants collectively understand the orders of magnitude of their greenhouse gases emissions. Using an interactive questionnaire, they are guided towards identifying levers to reduce their carbon footprint.

About the service

Developed by science-based climate consultancy Carbone 4, MyCO2 conferences and workshops have been tested and co-constructed since 2019 to propose a collective and pedagogical approach which combines phases that appeal to both the rational and emotional brain.

Throughout the 2-hour session guided by a professional facilitator, and using the interactive web-based questionnaire, we guide participants step-by-step, from measuring and understanding their carbon footprint, to identifying concrete and accessible actions to reduce it.

MyCO2 is a guilt-free, accessible, collaborative experience, in which all participants take an active role.

  • Number of participants: 10 to 50 (recommended: 20-30)
  • Language: Japanese or English
  • Place: Online (in-person available on demand)
  • Equipment: One connecter computer/smartphone per participant
  • Duration: 2 hours

Codo is a certified MyCO2 professional facilitator, and an official partner for the Japanese localization of the platform.

Who is this for?


Let your employees or customers evaluate their individual carbon footprint and think about how they can take action for decarbonization.


Spark a mindset change among your citizens, associations and SMEs, and encourage a local movement towards low-carbon communities.

A growing community

With already more than 35,000 users, MyCO2 is used outside of Japan by a growing number of companies and organizations, in sectors such as fashion, energy, food and beverage, finance, construction and IT. Examples include the following companies.

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