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Guiding companies on their decarbonization journey

Low-carbon transition advisory for Japanese businesses.


Educating, empowering and engaging firms on their way to green transition.

We offer independent advisory services to help Japanese companies define and refine their low-carbon transition strategy, to reduce their risks and reinforce their global competitiveness.

Our services

Educate, Empower, Engage


We help Japanese companies understand global trends on risks, opportunities and solutions regarding decarbonization strategies.


We help Japanese companies improve their environment-related transition strategies and enhance their value to global investors.


We help global and domestic investors and Japanese companies improve their dialogue on climate-related business risks and strategies.

Our services are available for…

Large firms

Large-scale businesses looking to establish a sound green strategy, aligned with investors and consumers growing expectations .


Small and medium size enterprises willing to play their part and stay competitive in low-carbon supply chains.


Financial institutions that want to educate and guide their corporate clients towards better pathways for decarbonization .


Cities and prefectures willing to support an accelerated and deeper decarbonization of their local economy, from SMEs to larger firms.

Challenging times for businesses

Risks & Opportunities

The key decade

Global temperatures in 2100 are determined by what we do in the current decade. Emissions must peak in 2025.

Eroded trust

60% of consumers think firms are not sincerely committed to climate action and are engaged in greenwashing.

Economic risks

The World Economic Forum predicts that climate inaction can lead to up to 18% of global GDP loss.

Helping your company navigate to a decarbonized economy.

As the world is advancing towards decarbonization and pressure on all stakeholders is increasing, the risks associated with insufficient low-carbon transition strategies are getting higher for businesses.

On the other hand, the benefits of immediate action backed by comprehensive, forward-looking, science-based transition plans are now undeniable. Businesses aligned with the Paris Agreement and the SDGs are more resilient, more competitive, more desirable.

We are here to support the acceleration of this transformation in Japan, using global standards and methodologies. We help Japanese companies, from major listed firms to SMEs, find their own path in the global race to zero emissions, strengthening their value and maintaining the trust of their customers and investors.

Connected to Japan and the world

Our partners, allies and networks

ACT Initiative

Our team

Kaori Suzuki
Representative Director & CEO

Stéfan Le Dû
Representative Director & COO

Kyoya Okazawa

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