Client Experience | Nishitetsu Group: Support to first disclosure to CDP  ​


With Fukuoka as its business base, the Nishitetsu group is engaged in a wide range of businesses closely linked to local life, including its core transportation business such as railroad and bus operations, real estate business (leasing, housing) , and distribution business (supermarkets). It also operates international logistics and housing services, as well as hotels outside the region.

In November 2022, the company announced its long-term vision “Nishitetsu Group Dream Vision 2035” (にしてつグループまち夢ビジョン 2035『濃やかに、共に、創り支える』) for FY2035. In this vision, the company has stated that it will take various measures to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Codo has provided assistance in responding to a questionnaire from CDP, an international non-governmental organization that promotes the disclosure of information on environmental activities.

・Explanation and supplementation of climate change-related questions and advice on the content of replies (including sector-specific questions)
・Explanation of the assessment system and disclosure process, and presentation of best practices
・Translation of replies from Japanese to English (pilot version)

“By responding to the CDP questionnaire, we were able to deepen our knowledge and understanding of best practices in addressing climate change with the assistance of Codo Advisory, a Fukuoka-based firm with expertise in decarbonization strategies and other areas. This support also helped us to understand issues related to climate change, and we will continue our efforts to resolve them.”

Kenichi Akahoshi, General Manager, Corporate Planning Department, Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co.

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