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Our team and board

Codo’s team

Our diverse and international team combines young talents and experienced professionals. Our skills cover environmental consultancy, corporate sustainability, economy and finance, public policies, international cooperation and more. We speak Japanese, English, French and Russian.

Kaori Suzuki

Representative Director & CEO

Kaori is a seasoned sustainability consultant, with years of experience working with Japanese corporate clients. Her fields of expertise include circular economy, Japanese environmental law and international market trends. She lived ten years in Europe.

Stéfan Le Dû

Representative Director & COO

Trained engineer in land planning and sustainable cities, Stéfan worked fifteen years in France on public policies for climate, energy, transport and construction. In Japan since 2016, he’s been leading exchanges between Europe and Japan towards a low-carbon society.

Kyoya Okazawa


After thirty years in international banks such as UBS, Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas, Kyoya joined Asian asset management group MCP in 2021, where he led the establishment of Codo Advisory to contribute to a more sustainable Japan. He also serves as Ambassador of Fukuoka City.

Yasuhiro Shojima

Senior climate strategy Consultant

Yasuhiro is a specialist of corporate decarbonization management. His expertise covers GHG emissions accounting, SBT certification, CDP reporting, TCFD compliance and emissions reduction strategies. He has years of experience in improving sustainability literary within Japanese companies.

Alexandra Zhasminova

Junior Research officer

Under the Erasmus Mundus program, Alexandra studied sustainable growth at the universities of Kyoto, Barcelona and Glasgow. She brings to Codo her skills in international communications, business analysis and project management. She speaks English, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.

Jeanne Hamidou

Junior Research officer

Jeanne studied economics, finance and public policies in Europe and in Japan. Within Codo, she conducts research to identify and disseminate best practices to support timely progress towards a resilient and sustainable Japan. She speaks English, Japanese and French.

Codo’s board of directors

Our board of directors gathers high-level experts from the financial and environmental industries.

Tetsuo Ochi

Managing Partner and CEO of MCP Asset Management, M. Ochi has more than 30 years of leadership experience in international finance.

Hiroyuki Sato

Representative Director and COO of Amita Holdings, M. Sato aims to build a society where ‘material, information and emotion’ are connected.

Shun Fujii

Managing Partner of MCP Asset Management, M. Fujii is an expert of financial engineering, global investment and funds management.

Shinichi Karakama

Director and CFO of Amita Holdings, M. Karakama specializes in environment and finance, aiming at amplifying corporate and social values.