Our diverse and dynamic team

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Our diverse and international team combines young talents and experienced professionals. Our skills cover environmental consultancy, corporate sustainability, economy and finance, public policies, international cooperation and more. We speak Japanese, English, French – and a few more languages.

Codo’s board of directors

Our board of directors gathers experienced executives from the financial and environmental industries.

Kaori Suzuki
Representative Director & CEO

Kaori is a seasoned sustainability consultant, with years of experience working with Japanese corporate clients. Her fields of expertise include circular economy, Japanese environmental law and international market trends. She lived ten years in Europe.

Shun Fujii
Representative Director

Managing Partner of MCP Asset Management, Shun Fujii is an expert of financial engineering, global investment and funds management.

Tetsuo Ochi

Managing Partner and CEO of MCP Asset Management, Tetsuo Ochi has more than 30 years of leadership experience in international finance.

Hiroyuki Sato

Representative Director and COO of Amita Holdings, Hiroyuki Sato aims to build a society where ‘material, information and emotion’ are connected.

Keisuke Yamashita

Head of Investment, VC & PE Division, MCP Asset Management. Previously, Keisuke Yamashita was involved in M&A advisory and capital raising at JP. Morgan Securities. He used the Representative Director of Dymon Asia Capital Group in Japan, where he was involved in Japanese equity hedge funds and Southeast Asia-focused venture capital business.

Shinichi Tabei

CEO of Amita Holdings, Shinichi Tabei aims to build a sustainable society through a redesign of industry and lifestyle.

Codo team members

Emilie Jones
SENIOR sustainability Consultant

With a background in engineering and the science of sustainability, Emilie is a seasoned sustainability consultant. Her experience focuses on helping Japanese and International clients define the next step on their unique sustainability journey – whether that be through decarbonization, circular transition, or nature-based solutions. She speaks English and Japanese.

Takashi Hasegawa
SENIOR SUStAINABILity consultant

With an extensive knowledge in decarbonization and circular economy, Takashi has supported a wide variety of clients in their sustainability journey. He speaks Japanese and English.

Hanae Noda

Hanae is responsible for implementing initiatives towards carbon neutrality, designing waste disposal schemes, and providing support for the development of transition strategies to sustainable management. She speaks Japanese and English.

Morgane Benoist
SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANT / Admınıstratıve coordınator

Having a Master’s degree in Intercultural Negotiation and a wide experience in multicultural workplaces, Morgane takes a new leap into the sustainability world. She speaks French, English and Japanese. She is a professional facilitator for Climate Fresk and Biodiversity Collage, and a facilitator for 2tonnes (French version).

Ilayda Tenim

Ilayda studies Sustainable Business Development at the universities of Glasgow, Barcelona and Kyoto as part of the GLOCAL Erasmus Mundus Master’s program. She brings to Codo her skills in academic research, consultancy, international communications and business analysis. She speaks English, Turkish and Japanese.

Mayu Hirata

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy at SciencesPo Paris, Mayu embarks on a new journey into the sustainability world. She speaks Japanese, French, English and German. She brings added value to Codo through her skills in research, analysis, drafting and consultancy, as well as her knowledge in various fields on an international scale.