ACT Assessment

Is your company ready for the transition to a low-carbon economy?

TCFD disclosure, CDP scoring, SBTi certification: your company is already actively engaged in disclosure, scoring and certification frameworks. But how solid is your low-carbon transition plan? Does it cover everything you need to achieve your long-term climate goals? Are you at risk of being attacked by activist investors or NGOs? Using the science-based ACT methodology, we help you run a stress-test of your strategy, to identify weaknesses before others attack them.

About the service

Using the international methodology ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) developed by global non-profit CDP and French environmental agency ADEME, and promoted by the World Benchmarking Alliance, we help you identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your low-carbon transition strategy. Throughout the process, we engage in a dialogue with your company, following a robust guiding framework and set of analysis tools, helping you identify improvement opportunities.

Companies going through an ACT Assessment improve the credibility of their decarbonization pledges, with an independent third-party review of their strategy. The outcome of the ACT Assessment, an overall score and a feedback report, can be used internally by your company, or disclosed to your investors and partners – your call.

Codo is the first consultancy in Japan certified and licenced by the ACT Initiative led by CDP and ADEME.

Who is this for?

Medium or large companies with a climate plan

The ACT Assessment is recommended for companies that already have a low-carbon transition plan, climate strategy or climate goals ready to be tested. Companies already engaged in CDP or TCFD disclosure are usually well equipped to start an ACT Assessment. SBT certified companies can also use the ACT Assessment to strengthen the credibility of their transition plan.


“As the first ACT consultancy in Japan, we expect Codo to provide support to Japanese companies in their assessments by the World Benchmarking Alliance, to promote their climate change initiatives on a global level and improve their level of disclosure.”

Chikako Miyata, Senior Executive Officer, General Manager of Sustainability, ANA Holdings

“Codo explained to our management team the significance of a decarbonization transition strategy, as well as its importance and how to understand it, in an easy-to-understand manner, using examples from other companies.”

Tsuneji Nakamura, General Manager, ESG Promotion Group, Tokyu Corporation

Let’s have a look at your climate transition plan together!

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