ACT Step by Step

Building a science-based comprehensive transition plan to support the achievement of your climate goals.

Your company has the long-term goal of reducing its greenhouse gases emissions. Maybe you have declared an ambition to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. But how do you align your business strategy with this objective? Using the international science-based ACT methodology, we help you develop a comprehensive transition plan, to enable the alignment of your business with the requirements of tomorrow’s global low-carbon economy.

About the service

Using the international methodology ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) developed by global non-profit CDP and French environmental agency ADEME, our consultants assist your company in establishing its low-carbon transition strategy.

The ACT Step by Step (ACT-S) program is conducted over one year, during which we take your company through a five-step approach – assessment of current situation, identification of issues and challenges, design of a vision, definition of a strategy, definition of an action plan.

Throughout the process, we engage in a dialogue with your company and stakeholders, following a robust guiding framework and set of tools such as the Progress Grid, the Carbon Performance Toolbox and the Strategy Toolbox. Companies establishing their low-carbon strategy with ACT Step by Step improve the credibility of their decarbonization pledges.

Codo is the first consultancy in Japan certified and licenced by the ACT Initiative led by CDP and ADEME.

Who is this for?

Medium or large companies without a climate plan

The ACT Step by Step program is recommended for companies that have an ambition to decarbonize their business activities but have not yet established a comprehensive science-based strategy to support this ambition.


The ACT Step by Step methodology has been used successfully by companies in Europe, including SMEs and large firms.

In Japan, the first company having used ACT-S is Amita, an experienced environmental services provider.

Let’s build your climate transition plan together!

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