Climate Fresk: climate education for all

Science-based, Visual, Collaborative, Fun

The Climate Fresk is a climate change education and teambuilding workshop, created in France and already used by nearly 1,000,000 participants in more than 50 countries. Codo Advisory offers Climate Fresk workshops fully in Japanese and English, to support climate literacy for domestic and foreign companies in Japan.

About the service

Your collaborators learn about the basic science of climate change and start a discussion about actions, guided by our professional facilitator. The workshop is built upon a set of cards, based on IPCC reports and representing the causes and consequences of climate change. After the workshop, your collaborators feel more engaged about decarbonization, and more motivated to take action. A higher level of collective motivation makes it easier for your company to build and implement ambitious action plans.

Using the format designed by the Climate Fresk Association as a basis, we create your own customized experience, adjusted to your organization’s environment and challenges.

  • Number of participants: 4 to 7 (recommended: 6-7)
  • Language: Japanese or English
  • Place: Anywhere you want – We just need a large table!
  • Duration: 3 hours (basic) to 5 hours (extended)

Codo is the first Japanese consultancy certified by the Climate Fresk association for the facilitation of professional workshops.

Who is this for?


Empower your employees, unlock ideas and build support for your company’s low-carbon transformation.


Help your SMEs kickstart their sustainability journey through a collective Climate Fresk workshop.


Bring your members into the climate talks, and offer them an opportunity for meaningful connections.


“The Climate Fresk allowed us to connect our company’s strategic plan to preserve the planet while having a great team-building exercise with 110 managers.”

Virgine Cavalli, CEO, Air Liquide Japan

“[…] The session inspired us to take collaborative action as executives in each of our departments. […] Our facilitator created a welcoming atmosphere and ensured each participant could follow the session.”

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Fukuoka Branch

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More services

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The Biodiversity Collage allows participants to understand the causes and consequences of biodiversity collapse, in a format similar to the Climate Fresk.


An interactive web-based workshop to measure individual carbon footprint and identify ways to take action to reduce it. For 20 to 50 participants.

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