Client Experience | Tokyu Corporation: ESG seminar for senior management  


Tokyu Corporation is involved in a wide range of businesses in the fields of transport, real estate, lifestyle services, hotels and resorts. The company works actively to solve social issues through urban development from a long-term perspective, mainly along the Tokyu Railway lines that spans in the south-western part of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Tokyu is highly regarded for its progressive approach to the realization of a decarbonized society, including the introduction of 100% renewable electricity on its railway lines in 2022. In its Environmental Vision 2030, Tokyu aims to create an inclusive and sustainable urban environment.  

To realize its sustainability vision, Tokyu needs that its top management is educated and informed about the latest domestic and global trends. In line with its Environmental Vision 2030, the company regularly hosts thematic seminars to share high-level strategic information to its senior managers. Considering the growing recognition for the need of low-carbon transition strategies, Codo introduced to Tokyu’s top management the latest international trends on this matter, including a focus on the ACT methodology.

“We asked Codo Advisory to give a presentation in response to our request to deepen decarbonization management as part of a seminar for our management team. In their talk, Codo explained the significance of a decarbonization transition strategy, as well as its importance and how to understand it, in an easy-to-understand manner, using examples from other companies. We look forward to the continued support of businesses in addressing and evaluating climate change measures, which will be the focus of increasing attention in the years to come.”

Tsuneji Nakamura, General Manager, ESG Promotion Group, President’s Office, Tokyu Corporation

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