Client Experience | Next Level Japan: Climate Fresk workshops


Established in 2010, Next Level provides digital marketing, market development, and human resources solutions in Japan, Europe, and Australia to help sustainable companies maximize revenue and brand awareness.

Codo conducted a Climate Fresk workshop for Next Level Japan in Tokyo. The Climate Fresk is a 3-hour workshop that aims to raise awareness and understanding about climate change. By using a 42-card game based on the latest IPCC reports, it gives participants of all levels the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short period. 

Guided by Codo’s certified professional facilitator, 6 participants including employees, administrative officers and the founder and CEO, worked together to deepen their understanding of the underlying mechanisms and consequences of human activity on the environment. The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss ideas with the employees about how they could implement their learning in the company afterwards and functioned as a teambuilding experience, as part of the company’s mountain retreat.

“A relevant, insightful, and enjoyable moment shared with the team. Every team should take it if they haven’t yet.

Stéphane Zadounaïsky, Founder and CEO

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