Client Experience | Caux Round Table Japan: cross-sector climate workshop

Established in 1986 in Switzerland, Caux Round Table is a global non-profit network of business leaders working to realize a fair, free and transparent society through sustainable and socially responsible business. Caux Round Table Japan started its activities in Japan as in 2006, and developed an expertise on human rights in business. Caux Round Table Japan supports engagement activities of the World Benchmarking Alliance in Japan.

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Codo conducted a Climate Fresk workshop with Caux Round Table Japan in Tokyo in February 2023. The Climate Fresk is a three-hour workshop based on the latest IPCC reports. It offers participants of all levels the opportunity to learn the fundamental science of climate change.

In this open session, participants from Japanese and French companies across sectors as diverse as shipping, mining, fashion and agrifood gathered to share and raise their knowledge, while developing new connections. Following the session, several participants expressed interest to implement similar workshops within their companies – a service that Codo is able to provide in Japanese and English.

“The Climate Fresk workshop was very exciting! Our participants could discuss climate change issues, and the collaborative format allowed them to learn from each other.”

Hiroshi Ishida, Executive Director, Caux Round Table Japan

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