Client Experience | Air Liquide: biggest Climate Fresk in Japan

A world leader in gases, technologies, and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 73 countries with 67,100 employees. Air Liquide is currently a key actor in the growing hydrogen energy market and is working to make hydrogen a clean energy source available in a wide range of fields.

Codo organized the biggest Climate Fresk in Japan for Air Liquide’s team at the end of February, with more than 100 participants. The Climate Fresk is a 3-hour workshop based on the latest IPCC reports. It offers participants of all levels the opportunity to learn the fundamental science of climate change.

The workshop was part of Air Liquide’s Annual Leadership Meeting, where executives and managers learned together about the complex mechanisms related to climate change and the impact of human activities.  Using the Climate Fresk allowed the company to raise internal awareness of climate action by encouraging members to tackle climate change issues together and served as a team-building activity. 

” It was an eye opener for all participants to understand the causes and consequences of global warming and climate change in a scientific, hence indisputable way. It allowed us to connect our company’s strategic plan to preserve the planet while having a great team-building exercise with 110 managers. I recommend all companies to deploy Climate Fresk with their employees to raise awareness and incentivize actions.”

Virginie Cavalli, President and CEO, Air Liquide Japan G.K.

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